Cryosurgery is the targeted use of extreme cold to destroy diseased or unwanted tissue. The use of cryosurgery has been used in humans to treat a variety of skin conditions for some time, and can now also be used to treat pets.

Cryosurgery is less invasive and less painful then traditional surgery. The applicators used are precise, destroying only the selected tissues. Because the cold causes numbing which reduces pain, most pets tolerate treatment very well and do not require sedation or anesthesia. This makes cryosurgery both safer and less expensive than other types of surgery.

Some conditions that cryosurgery can be used to treat include: warts, small tumors or masses, skin tags, cysts, and more. During an exam with your veterinarian you can discuss if cryosurgery might be appropriate for your pet’s condition. Sometimes multiple treatments over a period of time may be required. Each pet and each situation is unique, and your veterinarian can help you make a decision that is best for your pet.