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PennHIP & OFA Evaluations 

Ensure your dog's hips are healthy

Companion Animal Hospital of Waller offers both PennHIP and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) evaluations for canines.

What Is a PennHIP Evaluation?

PennHIP is a multifaceted radiographic screening method for hip evaluation. The technique assesses the quality of the canine hip and quantitatively measures canine hip joint laxity. The PennHIP method of evaluation is more accurate than the current standard in its ability to predict the onset of osteoarthritis (OA). Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD), is the hallmark of hip dysplasia (HD).

PennHIP is more than just a radiographic technique. It is also a network of veterinarians trained to perform the PennHIP methodology properly and, perhaps most importantly, it is a large scientific database that houses the PennHIP data. Radiographs are made by certified PennHIP members worldwide and are sent to the PennHIP Analysis Center for evaluation. The resulting data is stored in the database, which is continually monitored as it expands. As more information becomes available, the PennHIP laboratory is able to obtain more precise answers to questions about the etiology, prediction, and genetic basis of hip dysplasia.

We have veterinarians on staff that are certified in PennHIP evaluations for the screening of canine hip dysplasia.

About Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is a common problem in large breed dogs, such as the Akita, German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, and the Rottweiler. Evaluations are essential for breeding animals and service dogs to help reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia, to assure hip joint soundness, and to help diagnose the potential for hip dysplasia.

Performed at an early age, these evaluations can help guide us to determine if corrective measures may be taken to prevent your dog from developing hip dysplasia.

What Is an OFA Exam?

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is a database of radiographs (x-rays) and
genetic tests that dog breeders use to produce the healthiest possible puppies.
We offer OFA orthopedic exams, and hip and elbow radiographs and can collect blood for any tests that require it for sample submission. We cannot perform OFA screenings that require an ophthalmologist (eye screenings) or cardiologist (heart screenings)- for these tests, please seek out the appropriate specialist.

We are happy to help obtain your pet’s Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA)
certification. You may download the application form for your desired certification. Please bring a completed form with your pet when we take the radiographs and specify which certification you would like to obtain (for example: hips and elbows). If your pet does not have a microchip, we can implant a microchip at the time of the radiographs. At CAHW, we typically have you leave your pet with us in the morning and pick up after 4pm as OFA requires sedation for proper positioning in the radiographs. Do not feed your pet after midnight the night before your appointment to avoid regurgitation during anesthesia.

We will email the digital radiographs directly to OFA with your completed application form, check, or credit card information for OFA fees associated with the certification. The fee total can be found at the bottom of the OFA application form downloaded from the link above.

Not sure what certification to perform? OFA has a list of tests by breed please visit to find what testing is recommended for your specific breed.

Please utilize the following as a checklist for your pet’s OFA certification appointment:

  • Only animals 24 months or older can be certified
  • Animals between 12-24 months of age can still have radiographs submitted for preliminary results
  • Sedation is included in the price. Do not feed after midnight to avoid regurgitating
  • Microchip or tattoo number
  • Owner contact information
  • AKC or appropriate registration document (must include registered name and number on document)
  • Check or CC information for OFA payment to be emailed with the radiographs

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Please call us at (936) 931-2901 if you have any questions about PennHIP evaluations, or if you would like to schedule a consultation for your dog.

PennHIP & OFA Evaluations