Interstate Travel

Whether you are traveling to see Grandma for the holidays or moving out of state, your pet may need some extra precautions met prior to entry to the state. Each state has their own specific requirements before you can enter. Companion Animal Hospital of Waller can provide a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or an Interstate Health Certificate to meet these requirements. These usually consist of an examination by one of our Veterinarians and a confirmation of or administration of a Rabies

**Please note: Because Hawaii is considered a “rabies-free” state, export to this destination is treated very similarly to international travel. Once you know you will be moving or traveling to Hawaii with a pet, please inform us of your travel date and provide all medical records so we can ensure there is enough time to complete necessary testing and paperwork.

International Travel

Traveling with pets internationally, or relocating to a foreign country with your pet requires considerable planning. You must account for all the logistics associated with animals and international borders, including quarantine requirements and other importation regulations that differ from country to country. If you are traveling internationally with your pet, it is important to begin planning well ahead of your intended time of travel.

Companion Animal Hospital of Waller offers assistance with international health certificates, including but not limited to examination(s), vaccination(s), microchip implantation and/or verification, pre-departure treatments, testing(s) and the appropriate health certificate(s) needed to travel internationally with your pet. Our licensed and USDA accredited veterinarians will help you prepare for all the mandatory requirements for the country (or countries) to which you intend to travel and provide you with the best considerations for the transportation of your pet.

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