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In-House Laboratory

Immediate results to aid in your pet's care.

Our in-house laboratory enables us to perform most lab work immediately. Our capabilities include hematology, blood gases, biochemistry, bacteriology, cytology, electrolyte analysis, and parasitology. The 24-hour availability of comprehensive, reliable test results is a vital function of the continuous care provided at Companion Animal Hospital of Waller.


A complete blood cell count is invaluable in determining whether a pet has a bacterial or viral infection, is anemic or dehydrated, or suffering from several other immune-related diseases. This simple test takes mere minutes to perform and helps us evaluate your pet’s needs.

Biochemical Profile

Chem6, Chem12, and PreA Panel are some of the names for these tests. A PreA panel is run before all our anesthetic procedures to determine whether a patient’s liver, kidneys, blood sugar, and other vital statistics are normal prior to the stress of anesthesia. These tests also point toward the use of fluids during our surgeries and even when we need to change our protocols to offer the safest and most comfortable anesthesia for each individual pet.


Skin and ear problems are rampant in this area of the country and analyzing the types of bacteria and other pathogens on your pet’s skin tell us which drugs to offer including antibiotics, shampoos, steroid sprays, injections, shampoos, and/or any combination of the above to the affected area and then analyze the samples under the microscope for identification and then select the best course of treatment.


Growths and lumps are very common concerns in many of our patients. A large percentage of these growths are potentially cancerous. By inserting a needle into these growths and analyzing these cells under the microscope we can quickly and accurately determine the safest course of action. If we are unable to determine the type of cell, we work closely with Texas A&M and Gulf Coast Veterinary Services to quickly identify the cell and determine the best course of treatment for all of our patients.


Parasites can affect any species of any age whether it is externally like a flea or internally like a puppy with worms. A skin scraping can show us whether a new puppy has mange and a fecal flotation is highly effective in diagnosing a wide variety of intestinal parasites including hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, coccidia, and tapeworms. We routinely deworm all puppies and kittens during their first visit.


By performing an ultrasound-guided cystocentesis (needle and syringe to collect urine), our staff is able to view the bladder and look for stones or tumors while sterilely collecting urine to ensure the urine sample is not contaminated with bacteria which is common in voided samples. A urinalysis is vital in diagnosing bladder infection, bladder stones, early kidney problems, and even zoonotic infections like leptospirosis. A urinalysis is also very important in screening senior patients for early organ disease which when detected early are generally manageable with medication and diet. Ask our staff today if your pet is at risk.

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